RSE Protest at Parliament

by | May 22, 2023 | RSE


Public Child Protection Wales led a UK gathering against Relationships and Sexuality Education last week. A crowd gathered in Parliament Square, London, to protest the implementation of inappropriate RSE teaching in schools. Speakers included David Kurten of the Heritage Party, Lawrence Fox of the Reclaim Party, Lisa Nolland of Marriage Sex and Culture Group and Kimberley Isherwood of Public Child Protection Wales.

Presenters provided a comprehensive coverage of the issues surrounding RSE, like the erosion of parental rights, the apathy of politicians to engage in the debate to support children and their families, the sensitivities of different stages of child development, and how they are being assaulted by mixed group, one size fits all age-inappropriate teaching in the classroom.

“Children are like wet cement”, said Lisa Nolland. Anything individuals are exposed to, especially at a young age, will leave an impression. That is why great care needs to be taken about the content of RSE lessons and parents, as the primary educators of their children, should have the final say on curriculum content.

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There is gathering resistance to the imposition of bad RSE on our children in the education system. This recent event in London is just one example of the pushback of parents and all those who want to protect children from confusion and premature sexualisation in schools.