Trans Regret and the Destruction of our Children

by | Feb 15, 2023 | LGBT, Transgender Regret


Transgender regret is a growing phenomenon today. Luka Hein is one of an increasing number of people who, having received gender-affirming surgery, are choosing to de-transition — the halting or reversal of gender transition through social, legal or medical means. Transitioning often doesn’t deliver the new life and happiness that it promises these individuals. One de-transitioning woman, Prisha Mosley, was left ‘heartbroken’ after irreversible surgery, feeling manipulated by therapists, doctors and trans peers.

A new study found that even the “best” evidence for child sex changes is of extremely low quality and should not be relied upon as justification for medically transitioning minors. Marci Bowers, president of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), acknowledged that peer influence or social contagion plays a role in children adopting transgender identities.

Matt Ray, of Gays against Groomers, has spoken out as a transitioned, intersex man, denouncing the transgender lobby’s obsession with children.

Half the individuals who suffer from gender dysphoria have at least one other mental health condition. A high percentage are autistic. Some have been sexually abused. Patient mental health issues and other vulnerabilities are often totally ignored as medical practitioners, therapists and trans advocates push them towards transition. And there is silence around the fact that up to 90% of children suffering gender dysphoria will come to accept their biological sex as they move through adolescence.

Also, a growing number of medical professionals are questioning the safety and reversibility of puberty blockers when taken by young children, according to a recent analysis commissioned and published by the New York Times. Another study found widespread dissatisfaction with surgical and medical outcomes after cross-sex procedures, with patients reporting blackening genitals, a genital prosthetic requiring a dozen unexpected surgeries, unwanted side effects from medications and a lingering sense of unhappiness with their new bodies.

The real story behind the transgender explosion is highlighted in a new documentary called Dysconnected. It shows how a disconnection from body, family and reality has been cynically used by the transgender industry to ultimately destroy our children.